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Hamta Igloo Stay Now get the feel of arctic region at Hamta Manali in India. We bring to you a first of a kind travel adventure, one that will leave you with Goosebumps. Yes you heard it right, IGLOO stay in India. Experience something truly novel this winters, as we bring you India's first ever Igloo stay vacations. Spend a night inside an Igloo, in the backdrop of the snow clads mountains in Manali and live your childhood dream. Camping out in the summer is one thing, but there's something magical about camping out in the snow. Stay 1 Night in Igloo enjoy Bonfire, barbeque, meals, Adventure Activities, Skiing, Zipline and Day Hikes and make your own igloo . As winters give way to a shiny summer these igloos will too melt away, so the month of Mid January till Mid March is your only chance to undergo this unique and wonderful experience. LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE (max 15) Missing this once in a lifetime experience is sure to leave you racked with guilt.

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Day Trip – Igloo Camp

Enjoy a day trip to our Igloo camp site and have an exhilarating experience of skiing/ Tube Slide and Zipline. Its all a guided trip and first lesson for you of winter sports.

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1 Night Igloo Stay

Once again, we are ready to make a frosty lodging this winter in the hills of Hamta/Set han Valley to make your dream come true of staying amid the snow capped mountains and to play with soft white snow..

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2 Night / 3 Days Package

Make your weekend holidays this winter – 2018, a special and unforgettable. Visit with your family or group of friends. Winter is a season when colour of mountains is just white and all around is calm and peaceful.

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